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Crazy is the first episode of the first season of Country Comfort. It premiered on March 19, 2021. It is written by Caryn Lucas, and directed by Kelly Park .


Harmony leads to heartache as aspiring singer Bailey's big break falls to pieces. But a chance encounter on stormy night leads to new possibilities.


There is a bad storm hitting the Haywood ranch, when there’s a knock at the door. Tuck ends up answering the door, thinking that the lady at the door is their new nanny.

Unfortunately, she is not. Instead, she’s a woman whose car has broken down near the Haywood property. Bailey has no cell service and needs to use their phone to call for help. The kids end up deciding to let her in without thinking twice about it, even though she repeatedly says that she’s not the nanny.

Brody however insists that she is one. Chloe, the youngest of the Haywoods, is terrified because of the storm, and grabs onto Bayley.

The boys are all for her being the nanny, whereas Chloe continues to hang onto Bailey; feeling protected by her and is not ready to let her go.

Eventually the kids let her know that if she stays as their nanny, Bailey would be nanny #10. This horrifies her and Bailey asks the kids what is wrong with them to have gone through nine nannies. Tuck is quick to say it’s all because of Cassidy, who has anger issues. Cassidy takes one look at Bailey and then looks at her brothers. She then tells them that they are not hiring her just because they all think that she’s hot. Bailey asks them if they think that and they all say she’s smoking. In return, she tells them that it means so much to her that they think she’s hot.

Cassidy asks for Bailey’s resume, but she says that she doesn’t have one. Eventually, Bailey breaks down and tells her that she’s not equipped for anything.

Suddenly, Beau, the father of the Haywood children, walks through the door. He’s followed soon after by a blonde girlfriend named Summer.

Bayle explains to Beau and the other how she was previously in a band and that she and her boyfriend Boone were singing at Tootsies. Which their band had been playing at that club forever. But the night before, Mr. Sam Gold, from Sam Gold Records came in to see her band. As it turns out, je is one of the biggest producers in country music. Unfortunately, he didn’t like their performance. The band blamed it on her and so they told her boyfriend, who is also in the band to fire her and replace her with a younger blonde version. Needless to say, she left them and went driving.

Eventually a tornado warning comes in and the kids go running into the basement. The Dad follows and the door closes, leaving Summer out of the basement for a couple seconds until Beau opens the door for her.

In the basement and all of the sudden a pole comes through the window and the boys rush to cover the window with a tarp. In an effort to take everyone’s mind off the tornado, Bailey grabs a nearby guitar and uses it to start singing.

Everyone starts grabbing instruments and singing along. Although Summer doesn’t grab an instrument, she does start singing along with everyone else.

Unfortunately, tears begin to swell up in Cassidy’s eyes. She runs up to Bailey and rips the guitar away from her hands, and then runs into an interior room. Effectively slamming the door behind her.

Everyone’s trying to get Cassidy to come out, but she won’t. Her brother, Brody, freaks out after Beau voices how he feels like he can’t help her because she’s refusing to talk to anyone. Tuck on the other hand is pissed because they can’t play music around Cassidy. All because their Mom died two years prior and they all used to sing with her. Although some time has passed, for Cassidy, she’s not dealing with her mom’s death well. He doesn’t understand why everyone has to live by Cassidy’s rules when they lost their mom too.

Cassidy takes off running up the stairs and out into the tornado. Everyone’s fighting but Bailey takes off after her. Beau follows a few seconds later, making it upstairs after Bailey has closed the door behind her.

Bailey is outside looking for her and heads into the barn. She knows that she has to be in there, cause it’s the only place with a cover. Of course, Bailey is wrapped up in herself, talking about Boone and all that.

While Bailey is looking for Cassidy, she ends up mentioning how last night she thinks she heard the voice of God, who was sending her signals via Kelly Clarkson lyrics.

Cassidy comes out and starts screaming about how it was her Mama’s guitar and she doesn’t have anything else from her.

Bailey simply tells the young girls that her Mama would want her to be happy. Cassidy lashes out though by telling Bayley that it’s not like she’d know what her mama would want.

Cassidy eventually does confide in Bailey by telling everyone around is telling her what to do and how to feel, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Cassidy also admits that she hates Summer and wants to know how it’s possible that her Dad could be with someone like her. Cassidy wonders if his dad simply just loved her Mama anymore. But Bailey is quick to say that of course her Dad loves her mama.

Bailey says she knows how painful it is and starts dragging Cassidy in.

The next morning Bailey comes down the stairs in a pajama top, sans pants and is looking for her clothes. Beau has washed her clothes and looking at the pile of clothes he’s folded.

Beau offers her the job just when Summer shows up. She’s ready to send Bailey on her way, but Beau has made the case for Bailey staying. He tells Summer that he has never seen the kids respond so well to any of the previous nannies like they did with Bailey. Bailey says that she’s a singer by trade and can’t be a nanny since she still wants to be a singer. Tuck asks her why she simply can’t be both a singer and nanny. Chloe mentions how Maria from The Sound of Music, was a singer, a nanny and a nun.Upon hearing the news, the kids are excited, which leads to Bailey to come around to the fact that she may be needing a change of pace and that being a nanny couldn’t be that bad.

The kids leave it up to Cassidy to decide if Bailey can stay. Cassidy of course goes with it, after putting Bailey in her place kinda and also letting Summer know she’s doing it out of spite. Cassidy is a little shit and is like if we don’t take her who will?



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  • The title of this episode is a reference to Gnarls Barkley's 2006 song Crazy.
  • After seeing how quickly Chloe took to Bailey, Tuck makes a reference to the 1964 film Mary Poppins, when Tuck tells his younger brother Brody that Bailey is like the titular character of Mary Poppins.
  • Bailey makes a reference to Kelly Clarkson and her song, Stronger as unbeknownst to her, the words she heard were the lyrics to the aforementioned song.
  • The 1965 film, The Sound of Music is referenced after Bailey says that she’s a singer by trade and can’t be a nanny since she still wants to be a singer.
    • Tuck asks her why she simply can’t be both a singer and nanny. Which leads to Chloe pointing out how the character Maria portrayed by Julie Andrews was a singer, a nanny and a nun.


Song Performer Covered By Scene
Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) Rob Orbison Katharine McPhee Bailey recalls a performance at Tootsie's with Boone.
When Will I Be Loved Linda Ronstadt Katharine McPhee Bailey performs for the Haywood family during a storm.[1]